Sunday, August 4, 2013

The. Best. Teacher. Gift. Ever.

This year I had the pleasure of having my favorite middle child in my room. He is sarcastic, creative and pretty fly like his mother, Rachel over at the tattooed teacher. Not only is she my teammate, but she was a parent, who got me a really, really good gift. As may end of year gift, she got me a gift card to "Who the heck is that?" I asked myself.

The company that made all my teacher dreams come true. That's who. So after I cruised the website, I found the ultimate teacher planner. It comes in at least a million and one different personalized themes and me being Listy Listington chose the one called "My favorite things" where you type in a list of all your favorite nonsense your little heart desires. So I did. And practically waited by the door, checked the tracking number once an hour and plotted the points a map. I couldn't wait. I thought Petie was going to slap me. It's all I talked about. She ordered hers after me and got hers first. Finally, I checked my tracking number. The notebook that was going to make my life complete was on my porch.

I went home. I went straight to the porch. I got the beautiful, black and white and scrolly pink box. I opened it with the glee of a child on Christmas morning. This is what I saw when I ripped the tissue paper off with ruthless abandon.....

My name ain't Sophia. Not even if you're nasty, Miss Jackson. I cried I laughed so hard. Petie and I couldn't speak we were laughing so hard on the phone. That's what I get. Ha!

The end.

Not really! The company was more than phenomenal about it and told me to keep the planner and a new one would be shipped ASAP. They even gave me a coupon for ten bucks off. The planners are not the cheapest, but well worth the money for the amount of pages and lists and coolness factors. :)
Notice the list of things including cupcakes....and the national geographic about sugar. Irony. 

The planner contains all kinds of lists and charts for just about everything a teacher needs:

*a list for passwords
* a spreadsheet of important dates and holidays
*a chart to record a list of absences
* graph pages for graphs or that I used to sketch out the plan of my room 

* a section for yearly plans month by month

* a calendar and two lined pages of each month
*a lesson plan section 

* a checklist/gradebook section
* some stickers to use for the calendar. Some printed, some blank. Oh, color coding!
*and my personal favorite, a pencil pouch filled with personalized labels to match and a pocket folder.

See why I was nuts? Pop on over to and pick yourself out a back to school gift.....products ordered today will be shipped by August 20th! Just in time to start your year off right!

Word. :) 



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    1. Well yay!!! I'm heading over right now! We have an affinity for people named Laura. My cousin, who is also a teacher, is named Laura. So you'd be cool with us even if you didn't nominate us!!! Thanks for following!!!

  2. Wowza! That planner looks awesome Katie! Maybe I will have to trade in my simple planner for one of these bad boys! Hmmm...

    Thanks for the positive comments about Daily 5, I am really looking forward to using it this year. Enjoy the rest of your summer and Happy New School Year! :)
    -Mr. G

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    1. My fantasy is to have a quiet day with my planner, my poodle and a bubble bath. The planner is awesome....worth every penny! Happy school year to you too! It will be in full swing before we know it.